Jobs in Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore-March 2019

Government Jobs In Agri Food And Veterinary-Singapore

Government Jobs In Agri Food And Veterinary-The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) was established on 1 April 2000. It ensures a supply of safe food, safeguards the health of animals and plants and facilitates agri-trade for the well-being of the nation.AVA’s

key functions are to ensure food safety, ensure a resilient food supply, safeguard animal and plant health, safeguard animal welfare, promote agrotechnology, invest in research and development and protect wildlife. AVA is the national authority on food safety for both primary and processed food. AVA ensures the safety of all food from production to just before retail. AVA adopts a science-based risk analysis and management approach based on international standards to evaluate and ensure food safety-Singapore Government Jobs

Career Opportunities
At AVA, you will play a vital role in helping to attain our vision to be a premier organisation that is trusted and respected globally and which is committed to ensuring safe food, healthy animals and plants for Singapore. We are looking for creative and committed individuals to take up the challenge and join us in our mission to ensure a resilient supply of safe and wholesome food, safeguard the health of animals and plants and facilitate agri-trade.

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AVA is the vanguard in protecting what matters to Singapore – food, animals and plants. Be an AVA scholar, and join a multi-disciplinary team of professionals in ensuring a reslilient supply of safe food, safe guarding the health of animals and plants, and facilitating agri-trade for Singapore.

AVA offers a variety of internship opportunities to students who are passionate about food, animals and plants. As an intern at AVA, you can look forward to working on meaningful and challenging projects alongside our officers as you learn more about AVA’s work.

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